Growing Pains

by Repressed

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Vocals-Andy Reynolds
Guitar-Joey Pacheco
Bass-Timmy Mccoy
Drums-Daniel Marvel


released October 31, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Jones

Album artwork by Xavier Wilson

Guest Vocals on Migraine done by Cody Canning of Depreciator

Guitar written by Joey Pacheco, and Vincent Viviano
Drums written by Daniel Marvel
Bass written By Timmy Mccoy
Vocals, and lyrics by Andy reynolds



all rights reserved


Repressed Maryland

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Track Name: Eternal Pain
Every single breathe I take
Feels like another mistake
I will never escape my fate
The hope I once had has been replaced by hate

The guilt eats me alive
Keeps me here, I can't die
Forced to suffer with this pain on my mind
I have gone blind

I'm borderline insane
With the worst of thoughts
going through my brain
I need to be detained
Begging for death
Eternal Pain

There ignorance is bliss
They don't know how it feels
Rotten to the core
Life's turned its back on me and locked the fucking door

Forever cold
heartsick and alone
Deycaking day by day
waisting my whole life away

Never to return from this hollow shell
Don't bother trying to help
Track Name: Change
I watched you change
into something hideously strange
Hypnotized by a poisonous gaze
You have gone deranged

Irrational thoughts
You are, so far gone
You pushed away the bond i tried to extend
Now you'll be alone in the end

We gave, and gave, but you took it away
Never to return what you've decided to take
You will never understand
How it feels to lose, these broken hands
That you tried and tried to mend and heal
But insanity took its grasp

your soul is what it decided to steal

You made me feel
So fucking disgusting
Its my life that you tried to steal
But i knew you were distrusting
So I ran away
Never to return from that day

You can't fix these broken hands

All i ever wanted to do
Was fucking help you
And you fucking ruined me
You fucking ruined me
I,ll never fucking forgive you mother fucker
Track Name: Migraine
Pressure building on my skull
Trying to gain strength
Through this stress that i'm under
It's over bearing I can't take this pain
I'm losing the grip
And I have fallen for good this time

I'm trying to avoid this conversation
Where have you been
What were you doing
I'm letting it sink in
I just want to get away
I'm tired of dealing, with the same shit every fucking day

Pushing pills down my throat
Trying to make myself feel at home
The pain doesn't get better
Repeating, repeating, repeating

Nights like this are the reason,
i'm always complaining
Growing pains make me suffer
Gritting teeth
Clentched fists
I'm really concerned about myself

Why do I constantly get stressed,
causing migraines
That last hours, upon hours, and hours
Help me please
I don't know what to with myself
I'm losing this battle
Fucking help me

Mt tolerance is starting to get stronger, and stronger
But the pain is overbearing,
at some times i can't deal with it
Pounding into my head
Like nails on a chalkboard
This pain can't be dealt with on a daily basis

I want out, I want out, I want out

Have you ever felt like this?
Feeling a constant pressure,
Building up in your head?
I'm screaming
Till I fucking bleed
Cause I don't understand any way else to put it

This fucking sucks
But they say its life,
and life throws you curveballs
that you have to be ready for
But honestly
I'm not feeling that at all
I'm not gonna prepare myself to suffer
When i'll lost in the end anyways

There never was a winning spree

This Life
Isn't enjoyable
When you wake up everyday
Hating yourself
Hating that face
That you see in the mirror
That you see in the reflection in the puddle of water
Life is a fucking joke